Xenon Media is a leader in Internet advertisement. The market may be cold for ".com" investments, but the effect of Internet advertising has not been lessened. Your business can profit and flourish in today's Internet advertising environment. Get ahead of your competitors by building an Internet presence they have not explored with Xenon Media. The customers your business needs are using the Internet to shop, book reservations, and find information about specific topics. Take advantage of this by using Xenon Media as your advertising executive. Your business can have all the advantages of an Internet presence without the hassle and cost involved in managing your own web domain

The cutting edge of the Internet is here. Let our web design specialists create a business driving machine for your Internet presence. In the new milleniium no business will be able to survive and thrive without the Internet as a information access point for the customer.

These customers are the customers who have money and are looking for somewhere to spend it. The Internet has the ability to drive customer sales, collect customer data, and manage inventory with online database tools, that offer money saving ways to control your business vital data needs and promote your business.

The content driven Internet of the future will offer all things to all people. The small business owner can now compete with the largest corporation on many levels. The Internet is the last great advertising frontier available to those who wish to reach a worldwide audience.

Xenon Media designers offer all services involved in producing, maintaining, and promoting a total e-commerce package. This system can handle one hundred thousand (100,000) hits per day, and more if the need arises. The, Microsoft Certified, network and web design team will make all the arrangements involved in a total Internet commerce package; everything from onsite computer repair and installation to worry-free web and file server administration. The on-call telecommunications technicians can repair or install any type of telephone or Internet service (DSl, ISDN, ATM, T1, T3) allowing your business to be available 24/7 for your customer. In addition, we not only offer Windows 3x, 95, 98, and 2000 administration services but the newest, inexpensive, fastest, and  web capable operating system available; Linux.

Our web specialists can provide your business with the most advanced e-commerce technology available. We use the latest in Internet programming and technology; Visual Basic Script, Cold Fusion, Java script, ASP, HTML, Dynamic HTML, XML,  SSl, 128 bit encrypted credit card security. Using this vast array of programming allows Xenon Media to produce the highest quality and most effective web site available, for your business. In addition, the Internet marketing team can offer a complete package of submission based and paid portal website marketing services.

The proffesional photographers at Xenon Media can offer some of the most breathtaking panoramic photography of our area or your area available. These digital pictures are Internet ready, with some resizing, and offer a fantastic way to showcase any merchandise or services your business offers. Xenon Media offers a complete line of original stock photography to give your site a professional and aesthetically pleasing look.